Why recruit boarding students from Sweden?

  • Swedish students provide a great opportunity to reach potential diversity goals on campus.
  • Swedish students are typically highly motivated, top academic performers with an excellent command of the English Language.
  • Swedish students are mature and independent, which means low maintenance.
  • Swedish students participate in classes, activities and get involved in groups and clubs on campus.
  • Swedish students wish to study in the U.S.; therefore, there is a large market to recruit from.
  • Going to High School in the US has been part of growing up since EF and STS was started. However students are now looking to find better quality alternatives where they get to choose school and location.
  • Recent education reforms with an explosion of Charter Schools have left much to ask for in regards to quality and families are looking for good academic alternatives.
  • Swedish families are willing to invest in their children’s education.
  • The United States is the number one destination for Swedish students to study abroad.