History and Background

The founder and owner of Bluechip Study USA, Joakim Frisk brief company history timeline:

1991 – Joakim Frisk starts CIS-Center for International Studies that works with US, Australian, Canadian and New Zealand institutions helping over 15 000 Swedish students go abroad between 1991-2005 During these years CIS organized two events/tours a year for partners institutions in Sweden.

2000 – Joakim starts CISabroad in the US helping American students go abroad. CISabroad is today one of the leading providers for American students wanting to study abroad.

2005 – Sells CISabroad and CIS in Sweden and starts Bluechip Study USA to only focus on helping Swedish student go to the US. Becomes the only agent in Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia that only works with the US and only works with education.

2005 – Bluechip organizes the first Hockey and Soccer Showcases in Sweden for hockey and soccer players wanting to go to the US. The first boarding school hockey player goes to the US that later on played for the Boston Bruins. Bluechip has helped over 4000+ student athletes to the US since 2005.

2010 – Bluechip starts to organize events/tours throughout Scandinavia for its partner institutions as well as other invited US institutions.

2014 – Bluechip starts to represent private boarding/prep schools.