Practical Info/Q&A


Who will you meet at the college fairs?
At the fairs you will meet motivated Swedish students who are actively seeking information about higher education in both Sweden and abroad. Invited are all high school seniors and a lot of juniors.

Who will you meet at the boarding/prep school fairs?
At the fairs you will meet motivated Swedish students and parents, who are actively seeking information about high school education in both Sweden and abroad, as well as counselors and teachers. Invited are all junior high school students (8 – 9th graders) and their parents.

Who will you meet at an Open House?
At an Open House you will meet motivated Swedish students and families, who are actively seeking information about education in the US.

Who will you meet at a High School visit?
At the high school visits you will meet students from grade 10 through to 12th grade, as well as high school counselors and teachers.

Who are the exhibitors at the college fairs?
Both international universities from Europe, Asia and the US are exhibiting at the fair as well as Swedish universities.

Who are the exhibitors at the boarding/prep school fairs?
EF, Explorius and STS exhibit to promote the traditional J-1 exchange programs as well as Swedish high schools.


The facilities will be available one hour before each event and Bluechip staff will be available to assist you, should you need any help.

What is included in the tour participation fee?
Participation at the fairs, high school visits and open houses.

What is included in the accommodation and travel fee?
All domestic travel, hotel and breakfast.

What is not included in the fee
Overseas airfare, airport transfer, lunch and dinner unless it is something scheduled by Bluechip, insurance, personal expenses such as taxis, telephone or laundry charges.

The evening before each tour starts there will be a debrief of the week´s agenda where participants will get their domestic travel tickets, information on the different education systems, culture and also the tours social and cultural activities planned.

Mailing Materials
If you wish to mail promotional material ahead of time, mailing addresses will be provided approximately 6 weeks prior to the fair date. We always recommend you send your material to Bluechip office to make sure it gets there and then we will transport it for you to the different venues.

Dates & Refund Policy
Registration is open until maximum number of participating institutions has been filled.
Should you need to cancel your participation, the following refund policy will apply:
* 60-75 days before exhibition: 50% refund on all fees, paid or due.
* 45-59 days before exhibition: 25% refund on all fees, paid or due.
* < 45 days before exhibition: No refund.

Application Procedure
To register for a Bluechip Tour, please fill in the registration form online, select which tour you want to attend and pay the non-refundable registration fee of $ 500 with credit card.

Conditions of Responsibility/Liability:
Bluechip Tours reserves the right to make changes to the event/tour if, in its judgment, this becomes necessary or desirable and is in the best interest of the tour and participants.

Bluechip Tours acts as the representative for the tour participants only with respect to arrangements for hotels, domestic travel, publicity, and other services described, and as such holds itself free from liability for any loss, injury, delay, or damage from any cause beyond its control.

Travel Arrangements
Participants are responsible for making their own travel arrangements to the first city and from the final tour city.

Hotels and Local Transportation
Single-room accommodations are provided. All of the hotels have been selected for location and comfort and are very nice (4-5 star).  All will have business centers, restaurants, laundry, gym and other facilities.

General Information Table
At each open House and fair, Bluechip oversees an Information Table.  The table is there to assist families with routine questions, regarding visa, insurance and other practical information regarding the process.

Cultural Activities
Cultural events are often included in the itinerary in order to allow tour members to learn more about Sweden. These activities are optional and are at no extra cost for the participant.

Working with Alumni
Working with alumni (and meeting with the parents of current students) is personally rewarding and a very effective international recruitment tool. In fact, students are often your best recruiters. Alumni are excellent models of people who have traveled to the United States, graduated, and returned to their home countries. Not only can they answer questions about the academic programs, they can talk about other issues of concern to students, such as safety, food, racism, dating, and money, based on their own experience. Most alumni love being reconnected with someone from their alma mater and like to recommend other students.

Due to space restrictions, floor displays are prohibited. Promotional giveaways is permitted. Participants must remain behind their tables when interacting with students and families.

Bluechip frequently photographs its events and meetings. By attending this event you consent to being photographed, and authorize Bluechip to use any photographs in any medium (web, digital, print) throughout the world at Bluechip sole and exclusive discretion.

Detailed information, agenda and other applicable information will be handed out approximately 4 weeks prior to the event.